From the Clinic (August 2018)

posted Aug 7, 2018, 8:14 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Like some kids, Gavin is a child who has been in and out of therapy for speech since he was in kindergarten. His family and a few close friends were the only ones who could understand him consistently.  Talking on the phone was difficult and he was often asked to repeat words and sentences which led to frustration and self-limiting participation at school.  At school he was pulled from his classroom for 30 minutes of speech treatment sessions twice a week, tapering to once a week beginning in second grade.  He disliked being singled out and missing class time negatively affected his self-image. His mother reflected on the therapy at school stating that “Progress was steady, at best”. His small speech group consisted of students with various production concerns, most which didn’t match Gavin’s.  During his 6th grade IEP meeting at school he was deemed ineligible for services because his speech production was not impacting his education.  Yet, Gavin still needed services as his speech continued to be negatively impacted by articulation errors. His mother, a local teacher, found out about our clinic from a student in her class who was receiving services.  She said that the parents of her student praised the San Jose Scottish Rite and encouraged her to pursue speech support for Gavin.


Once speech services were started at the San Jose Scottish Rite, his mother reported that Gavin’s self-confidence skyrocketed. She stated that now “He speaks audibly and clearly.  Gone are the days of asking him to repeat himself at home, or the embarrassment of repeating statements in social settings.  Public settings are no longer stressful for Gavin because a listener might not understand him.”  


Gavin’s family was dedicated to making the most of Gavin’s services at the clinic. Clinically, he needed substantial supports, such as PROMPTs and tactile cues, and other therapeutic techniques to help him produce his error sounds correctly. Gavin’s hard work and the dedication of his family paid off. Gavin has recently been discharged from services as he has met all of his goals! His mother reported that the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic “provided services that we could not have reasonably pursued through other means.  Everyone we’ve encountered has been very professional and welcoming.  I think it’s fair to say that our weekly appointments were enjoyable, especially for the amount of hard work and effort both by provider and client. Honestly, Rachel’s kindness and professionalism has been the most rewarding aspect of receiving services.  She is astute at recognizing concerns, and easily translates that concern into focused practice that cultivate results.  Rachel honors where each child is coming from, quickly develops a rapport with them, and bases services focused on client interests.  The results ‘speak’ for themselves.  Connections mean everything in generating buy in to practice, and Rachel genuinely cares about her ‘kids.’”


We are so proud of Gavin and his achievement! He is a testament to the reason why the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic exists. We provide services to children and their families when they cannot reasonably afford, qualify, or otherwise find other speech and language services when they need help. Your support for our clinic helps us continue to tell these stories of encouragement and success! Thank you for continuing to donate to our clinic. We appreciate your help!