From the Clinic (August 2017)

posted Aug 2, 2017, 10:52 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite
Mason received services at our clinic between the ages of three and four-and-a-half. Initially, Mason worked on some articulation skills, such as producing three syllable words, /w/, /l/ and l-blends, and /s/-blends at the beginning of his words. To his clinician’s surprise, after five months, he quickly learned and used these words and sounds in conversation! He worked very hard in his twice a week speech therapy sessions on having expected behaviors, following 2-step directions, using age appropriate vocabulary and irregular past tense verbs. We would typically spend our time doing directions involving body movements such as, “Sing part of a song and then take a bow.” These types of directions tended to be a bit more challenging for him then table-top tasks such as, “Find the dinosaur with the spikey tail on your paper (amongst three other different dinosaurs) and color him green.” Mason needed lots of repetitions and support to be able to follow directions involving his body movements.  We would often target producing irregular past tense verbs such as, “saw,” “hit,” “hurt,” and “went,” while playing with animal toys. He enjoyed having his toy penguin dive into the bean box and yelled, “The penguin went into the beans!” Mason would always have a smile on his face and was happy to see his clinician each week. Although he was seen for his full 18 months here, his clinician decided that since he continues to need to work on several goals, he will be put back at the end of the treatment waiting list, to be seen at a later time. His clinician is hoping that even though he is not working on these goals with her, he is still thinking and learning about them. Sometimes all we need is a little break. J And who knows! Maybe by the time he is seen here again, he will be able to do and say the things we practiced on his own without a hitch! Hope to see you soon Mason!