From the Clinic (August, 2015)

posted Aug 4, 2015, 4:30 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Aug 4, 2015, 4:30 PM ]
S.y who likes to be referred to as “R.” was seen at our clinic twice a week for 45 minute speech therapy sessions from August 2014- May 2015 secondary to an articulation disorder. R. worked very hard on her /r/ and “th” sounds in all positions of words, sentences and in conversation over this time period. She also worked on some expressive language skills such as producing irregular past tense verbs, pronouns, question formulation, and was/were sentence formulation. R. loved to joke around with her clinician and play with the Legos. On May 19th 2015 she met all her speech therapy goals! All her hard work paid off!! I feel sad that I do not get to see R. as often but I am happy that she is doing so well with her speech! 
Her Mother S. wanted to say a few words about the Clinic. Here is what she had to say: “I heard about your services because my nephew attended the Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic. Before receiving services at this clinic R.’s speech was very difficult to understand. Since treatment began it has gotten so much better! Speech treatment has impacted our family on a daily basis because everyone understands her better now! The most rewarding part about receiving services here is the love that Miss Jenna showed to our family. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone who might need the help. Thank you to the San Jose Scottish Rite Clinic for offering this service.”
R.’s younger sister B. was screened here at our Clinic in May 2015 and is now on our wait list. I hope I get to work with B. in the future, or at least see her big lovely family in the waiting room very soon!