From the Clinic (April 2020)

posted Mar 29, 2020, 1:07 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Adrian is a fun, energetic 4-and-a-half year old boy who loves to play with race cars! He Has been receiving speech and language therapy services at the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Speech and Language Clinic for about one year.  Adrian recently told Ms. Rachel, his Speech-Language Pathologist, that he wants to be a “Big Dad” when he grows up because he wants to carry his baby sister, Hannah.

Adrian’s parents brought him to the clinic as they were concerned about his speech and language development. His mother commented that her insurance denied Adrian services and paying for services out of pocket was very expensive. She was referred to our clinic where Adrian was diagnosed with a moderate expressive language disorder and a severe articulation disorder.  His expressive language difficulties were characterized by a delayed mean length of utterance which impacted his use of morphological structures, such as plurals, possessive forms, present/regular past tense verbs, and basic prepositions. His articulation difficulties were characterized by difficulty producing the final consonants of words and sounds with continuous airflow, such as /f/, /s/ and /z/.

Adrian has made fantastic progress since treatment began last year. His mother reported that his “improvement has been remarkable. His speech is now much more intelligible and he speaks in full sentences and is able to hold a conversation”. Adrian’s family has been positively impacted by his progress with his weekly therapy sessions. Adrian’s mom stated, “Our family is less stressed out since my son is now able to easily communicate his feelings and needs. Before treatment, he was very frustrated and would cry, hit, and throw tantrums. It has been very rewarding to see my son’s improvements from week to week after receiving services…We have had a great experience at the clinic. Our therapist, Miss Rachel, has built a great rapport with my son. He looks forward to his appointments each week…I would definitely recommend the clinic. It has been our best experience among our many experiences with different speech therapists.”

We are so happy to hear that Adrian’s family continues to see Adrian’s growth with his speech and language development. He continues to be a pleasure to see each week and we are looking forward to continuing to help him and his family!

Note:  Our Clinicians are continuing to work and serve our kids via tele-therapy.  While it is not as ideal as in person, and it will not work for every child, it is working for many..