From the Clinic (April, 2016)

posted Apr 1, 2016, 1:25 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Apr 1, 2016, 1:26 PM ]
J. is a sweet six year old girl who has been seen at our clinic seondary to a mild articulation delay. J.’s mother heard about the clinic through a friend. When she first brought J. to our clinic she reported that J.’s friends were having a hard time understanding her. J.s mom observed that J. “dropped a lot of syllables in conversation”, which she said made it hard for J. to make friends. 
J. was evaluated at our clinic and was found to have a mild articulation disorder. However, her receptive and expressive language skills were within the average range or even in the above average range. Thus, therapy focused on improving the sounds missing in her phonemic repertoire, which included /l, sh, th/and /r/. Since therapy started J.’s mom has observed that “She is more aware of her own speech and [can] apply new skills to make words more clear.” J. has met all of her articulation goals except for /r/ and /th/, but she is well on her way to meeting her goals for these sounds too in the next few months! 
Often kids can feel bad about their speech when others don’t understand them. While we may not always hear children with speech and language issues state their feelings about their speech, we can observe their feelings in their actions and interactions with others. J.’s mom stated that since therapy started “She smiles more and is more confident with herself. She talks more. We have less miscommunication at home.”  
J.’s parents are so grateful for the services she has received at our clinic: “We definitely will tell other parents about this clinic. We are so thankful for the previous parent who shared this information. We were not sure where to turn... There was no way for us to pay for this kind of service ourselves. And the teacher here is so phenomenal. I see a big improvement in my daughter’s speech in just a few months as we were struggling with the same things for the previous two years. Thank you for blessing us with this service.”