posted May 16, 2015, 7:11 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 16, 2015, 7:11 PM ]
Elyanna is an adorable and creative six-year-old who has been seen at the San Jose Scottish Rite Language Disorders Clinic since mid-March of this year. Despite enrollment in a pre-Kindergarten special day class for children with speech and language needs, and receiving speech therapy two times per week at school, Ely’s parents report that she could not effectively express herself prior to coming to our clinic. Initial testing indicated that Ely had a severe receptive and expressive language delay/disorder. Elyanna has difficulty with understanding and making sense of what others are saying, as well as formulating and saying what she intends to in a grammatical and coherent manner.
When Elyanna first started treatment, she had difficulty with listening, visual, and mental attention for basic table top or play-based activities and therefore became easily distracted. She had difficulty holding onto multiple pieces of information in order to carry out a direction, and had limited understanding of basic concepts including spatial concepts (first/last, top /bottom), number/quantity concepts (full/empty, more/less, one/all), and temporal concepts(before/after/next).  Elyanna was unable to answer ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ or ‘why’ questions due to not understanding the question words,  word finding difficulties (being unable to access and recall the correct word effectively) and formulation difficulties (generating sentences with appropriate word order). Additionally, Ely showed early signs of reading and writing disorders. Overall, Ely presented as a very frustrated child by crying often and had already, at such a young age, learned to give up rather than try to listen or communicate with others. 
In such a short amount of time, Elyanna has already made tremendous improvement towards all of her language goals. She is now able to follow two-step directions, answer ‘who’, what’, and ‘where’ questions, identify the first and last sounds in words, blend sounds together to form a word, sequence pictures to tell a story, and attend to activities for the duration of the session! Ely is a more confident communicator noted in her home, school, and therapy environments. Her parents report, “Our daughter is able to communicate her needs now; there is less crying. There is improvement in her self esteem and academic performance. She loves going to speech to learn.” The family feels fortunate to receive services at the clinic and reports, “The one-on-one service we get is incredible. We wouldn’t be able to afford this type of service on our own. The improvement we have seen from our child is irreplaceable.”