posted May 27, 2015, 1:34 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 27, 2015, 1:35 PM ]
Elliot “Elli” N. is an endearing 6 year old girl who attends our clinic on Wednesday afternoons.  Elli, along with her twin brother, was born a sweet three pound “preemie,” arriving 3 months early.  After several medical interventions and months in the hospital, Elli was on her way to growing into a healthy young girl.  Elli’s nurturing and supportive family has been a delight to work with and a tremendous part of her ongoing success and progress. 
In the past, Elli received speech and language and occupational therapy through Early Start, which is a state wide early intervention service.   She currently receives speech and language therapy at her school in addition to the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic.  Her parents were concerned about lack of speech and vocabulary skills as well as her ability to get her needs met through conversation.
We have worked closely with Elli’s school speech pathologist to ensure that we are supporting the same goals and treatment style.   Collaborating allows Elli to have an easier time understanding what is expected of her 
during treatment and it helps to solidify her learning experience.    
Treatment goals for Elli have focused on receptive and expressive language, articulation of sounds and social language skills.  Elli is working on the /b/ and /f/ sounds in 2 syllable words.  She is working on understanding 
direction concepts such as “in, on and under.”  Formulating questions is tricky for Elli, so we have been working on her ability to form a question to seek assistance or make a request, such as “Can I play a game?” or “Can you help me?”  We are also working on following 2 part un-related commands that can make it easier for Elli to function at home and school, such as, “put the book on the shelf and turn off the light.”  Elli is working on identifying pictures of verbs and forming a short phrase such as “girl running.”  Over the course of her treatment, Elli’s social skills have improved nicely.  She is making weekly gains with greeting and interacting with her therapist during work and play activities.       
Elli’s parents learned of our clinic through friends.  Prior to therapy services, Elli’s speech and language skills were significantly delayed and very limited.  Her parents report that, “Elli’s language is improving every day.  She has more words in her toolbox to communicate her wants and needs.”  Family life has been positively impacted as well.  “Elli’s interactions with her siblings are much more engaging.  She is connecting to all members of the family more deeply,” her mom stated.   When asked about their experience at the clinic, Elli’s mom replied, “The services are amazing.  The staff is professional and they cater to each child’s individual needs.  Angela’s incredible patience with Elli has given her the time she needs to learn.  
Elli will be forever grateful, as will her parents.”