posted May 19, 2015, 3:48 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 19, 2015, 3:49 PM ]
Devansh is a sweet, inquisitive five-year-old boy who started speech and language treatment at the San Jose Childhood Language Disorders Clinic because his parents were concerned that he was not communicating. Devansh was diagnosed with a mild-to-moderate expressive and receptive language disorder and a moderate stuttering disorder.  Since treatment began Devansh has worked with his clinicians to increase his understanding of language as well as his sentence formulation skills and expressive grammar. During the past five months, Devansh’s treatment has focused on managing his stuttering. He has made excellent progress with his language and continues to make significant gains to decrease his stuttering.
Therapy for a child who stutters focuses on helping the child to decrease the number of stuttering behaviors with fluency modification techniques. Equally important in any stuttering therapy program is parent education and working with any prominent caregiver in the child’s life, such as a teacher, to modify the child’s environment in order to achieve the best fluency possible.  Another area of importance is focusing on the child’s attitudes and emotions related to their stuttering behavior.  When a person who stutters tries to hide their stuttering because they are ashamed of it, this often makes the stuttering worse.  Dealing with the stuttering in an open and non-threatening manner helps decrease the tension and in many cases can improve fluency.
Devansh’s parents have noticed significant improvements in his ability to express himself, as well as a reduction in his disfluencies. His parents commented, “We are so thankful for this treatment. We are less worried now and less stressed now seeing our kid talking and formulating his sentences. Earlier he used to get frustrated by not being able to express himself, but now he can talk and formulate his sentences and seems less frustrated. The [Speech-Language] Pathologists are very professional and they know how to talk to a child. On our very first visit we saw a positive connection between the [therapist] and our child.  Since then…every visit to the clinic is a positive step forward for us. Most rewarding is to see our child being able to talk…He actually likes to talk now.”
 Devansh’s parents further expressed that their experience at the clinic has been “…very satisfying and great. The Speech-Language Pathologists here are amazing. They know how to talk to a child and how to teach a child the speech and language related things without the child realizing what is happening. Kids learn things while playing and talking here. We have also [received] valuable training on how to teach him language and also how to calm his environment to deal with stuttering. We would highly recommend Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic to anyone with a child having speech and language issues just for one reason – The clinic is amazing. Once you start therapy here you can see improvements in your child almost every day! We appreciate the efforts of everyone working at the clinic. We are thankful to have our child…here at the clinic.”
While Devansh’s family’s experience at the clinic has been rewarding, it has also been rewarding for the clinician’s to see his rapid speech and language growth. He continues to be a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to help Devansh.