Clinic donations (January, 2011)

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Bro.Mrs. William Schotanus
In Memory of  My Best Friend... Bro. William Nelson

* Debbie Gravitz & Lawrence You*   
 * Adobe  *
* Chau Nguyen / Hien Dinh *
* Bro. Richard & Mary Fisher *
* Mr.Mrs. Bret Rickard *
* Thirumalai Nambi Kumar & Revathy Sivasubramaniam *
* Santa Clara Employees Square & Compass Club *
 * Vivian J. Severns *
* Maureen Conant *

* Bro. Orville B.Hanel
In Honor of Sara Stephenson’s 90th Birthday ! God Bless!

* Bro. Robert & Marilyn Schmidt
In Memory of Bro. Irwin T. Cohen 

*Bro. Dee & Caroline Ayre
In Memory of Bro. Irwin T. Cohen  

* Mrs. Wendall W. Huxtable
In Memory of Mr. Richard L. Davis

* Bro. Mrs. Robert Winter *
In Memory of:
Brother William Head
Brother Irwin Cohen
Brother Verle E. Mc Pherson   &
In Honor of Brother George Hesse

* Bro. Mrs. Howard Kahn *
Special Thanks to Bro. George & Beverly Hesse & Bro. David & Glennys Pratt for donations to all areas!

* We, the San Jose Scottish Rite Foundation (TIN 94-2541623) hereby certify that all funds  received on the behalf of the San Jose Scottish Rite  Children’s Language Disorders Clinic, are used for charitable purposes only and the donor receives no goods or services in return for their donation.*