posted May 21, 2015, 1:33 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 21, 2015, 3:16 PM ]
Cassie is a cute, smart, fun-loving four year old girl who began receiving services at the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic due to very limited speech and language.  She was referred to our clinic by her family’s social worker as Cassie was adopted from China at age 2.  She came to her family with only a few words in Chinese. During the first six months after her adoption Cassie attempted to speak but had extreme difficulty. Of course her lack of expressive language was frustrating for Cassie and her family.
Initially Cassie worked in her treatment sessions to increase her use of language. As her expressive language increased, she began working on speech sounds, such as “f” to improve her intelligibility.  During her treatment, Cassie’s parents saw her “blossom”. Her mother stated, “She now has the ability to carry on a conversation, talk to and be understood by family and peers. She seemed to make near weekly progress and continues to improve as we fine-tune her language and speech.”
Her mother remarked that the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic “has given us an incredible gift, both in helping Cassie with the gift of language and also providing these services at no cost. We would not have been able to afford speech and I wonder how far behind she still would be…All of the speech therapists have endless patience, skill at teaching, and a real love for their students. We are 100% thrilled to be here.”
Cassie continues to make progress with her speech and language skills. At this time she is working on her expressive grammar and her “l” sound in blends, like “flag” and “plum”.  Her parents are excited because she has made great progress. “Cassie has progressed so much that she may be able to graduate out of the program soon. Kindergarten is next year, and I am confident that she will be ready, and able to communicate with her teachers and friends. Thank you so much!”