posted May 30, 2015, 1:28 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 30, 2015, 1:38 PM ]
Ayden is a sweet and charming 3 ½ year old boy who is being seen for an articulation disorder at the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic.  He was brought in by his mother who noticed that he was expressing frustration over not being understood by his family or peers.  Ayden has an aunt who received services here at this clinic over 20 years ago!  That is how his family knew of the services offered by Scottish Rite.
Ayden’s family reported, “Ayden’s speech was very delayed.  There were many sounds he just couldn’t pronounce.  His speech pattern often left the ending of words off completely.  He was very difficult to understand.  Soon, his behavior began to change and he became more angry and frustrated and started acting out.  At school the children would walk away from him when he tried to talk to them because they simply couldn’t understand him.”
Ayden has an articulation disorder, which means there are certain sounds that he can’t produce accurately.  When there is a collection of sounds that can’t be made, often kids will substitute those sounds with other sounds.  Ayden was using sound substitutions and sound omissions.  When this all happens at the same time, it can make it very difficult to understand a child.  
After only 3 months of speech therapy, Ayden is making great progress.  He is very cooperative and participates in therapy wonderfully!  His family stated, “He speaks all the time now.  He continues to have areas of his speech we need to work on but he is much more understandable now and his confidence in talking has increased ten-fold.  His whole behavior has changed and we no longer see the level of frustration he experienced when he couldn’t express his words.” His grandmother stated, “Ayden’s confidence is so much greater!  He is not afraid to talk.  He is very verbal at school now and is much more engaged with his friends.  They don’t run away from him now. “
It’s great to meet a family that contains two generations of people helped by the Scottish Rite Clinic.  Ayden’s family expressed,  “This has been such a rewarding experience for Ayden, his aunt and our entire family.  The therapists are extremely professional and warm hearted.  We are blessed to have their services in helping to improve Ayden’s speech.”