posted May 21, 2015, 3:03 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 21, 2015, 3:17 PM ]
Anthony is a fun and engaging 5 year old boy who comes twice a week to our clinic for speech and language therapy.  He is a hard worker and loves to play with toys and games during treatment.  When Anthony was younger, his parents first noticed a delay in his speech and language skills.  He was enrolled in speech therapy and occupational therapy at age 2 to address delays with speech sound production and low muscle tone.  His parents came to this clinic through a referral from a friend.  They were looking for a second opinion as to the development of his speech and language skills.  At that point Anthony’s parents reported, “He had difficulty with articulation and it was hard for him to get his words out.”
There can be many reasons that children experience delays in development of their speech sounds.  Anthony was demonstrating weak muscle tone in his lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw.  This along with other developmental factors was making it difficult for him to produce certain sounds.  He was also using patterns called phonological processes that children develop to make sound production easier.
Anthony was substituting or changing groups of sounds and the overall effect made it difficult to understand him.   Through an evaluation with an Occupational Therapist, it was also discovered that Anthony’s sensory system needed help to regulate itself.  He needed special activities to help alert, organize and calm his body to help with his attention and focus.  Through these activities as well as maturity, Anthony became better able to focus and progress through his speech sound goals.  His mother reported, “After working very hard with Angela this past year, Anthony is now able to articulate his sounds much better.  It is easier to understand what he is saying.”
Currently, Anthony’s goals focus on oral motor work to increase the strength and coordination of his oral musculature as well as work on his sounds.  Recent therapy goals have targeted /s/ blends found in such words as spot, skunk, stairs, sweater, snail and slide.  Focused, individual therapy attention as well as practicing at home has resulted in great progress for  Anthony.
His mother stated,” The clinic is a great environment and Anthony loves coming to learn and play with Angela.  It has been a great experience and learning process.  We have been given the tools we need to help Anthony’s speech at home.”