From the Clinic (May, 2014)

posted May 30, 2015, 6:20 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Jun 4, 2015, 3:01 PM ]
Oscar is a sweet, 5 year old boy who has been coming to our clinic since last November.  His mother had concerns about his lack of language development.  Oscar had not received any previous evaluations or treatment before his services here at Scottish Rite.  His mother had been concerned for some time but was having difficulty acquiring services for him elsewhere. 
Oscar’s mother was referred to the clinic while discussing her son with a co-worker, who had child who was previously seen here.  Oscar is exhibiting a severe delay in the development of his speech and language skills.  Although he currently has no formal diagnosis, he is showing significant delays in language and social interactions when compared to other peers his age. 
Prior to services at our clinic Oscar’s mom described his speech as “…very poor, when he wanted something he would mostly point and yell.  He would use only a few words.”  After 5 months of treatment she stated, “His language has definitely improved.  He is now able to point and then try to say what he wants.  He will say more than 3 words at a time & sometimes almost a sentence. When given a choice of 2 objects, he will say the one he wants.”
Oscar has made great gains since treatment began.  Initially it was hard for him to transition from the waiting room back to the therapy room.  It was also hard for Oscar to participate in a 45 minute treatment session. Gradually, Oscar entered the treatment room more willingly but still insisted on his grandmother coming in, too.  Now, Oscar goes back to the room all by himself and is happy to have his grandmother watch from the observation window.  He most always completes 45 minutes of therapy now too. 
At the onset of treatment, it was noted that Oscar used a lot of “jargon” meaning that it sounds like he is talking but you can’t really understand the words and they don’t make sense.  Initially, that was the majority of his communication, along with pointing, grabbing, crying and the occasional scream.  Oscar was not using words to make requests, ask or answer questions, label things or comment on regular or purposeful basis.  From the start, Oscar would make eye contact, smile and try to interact non-verbally – all things that were a positive foundation from which to start therapy.  
Now, Oscar is using words to make choices for activities.  He is imitating others and using words spontaneously, mostly to label items.  He is starting to say “my turn and all done.”  He is also more regularly saying “hello and bye” when entering and exiting treatment sessions.  
Oscar’s mom said, “His treatment has helped us help him with his speech.  It has given us a better understanding of what is needed to improve his speech.  Being able to get help for my son is priceless and being able to learn what he needs help with is so awesome.  Also, getting the help at no cost is such a blessing.  I couldn’t be more thankful for all the wonderful help I have received and hope to continue receiving.  I have been very 
comfortable, happy and satisfied with my experience at the clinic.”