From the Clinic (March, 2015)

posted May 31, 2015, 1:07 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Jun 4, 2015, 2:19 PM ]
F. is a bright, sweet and energetic little 4 year old boy who comes to our clinic for speech and language therapy.  He comes once per week for 45 minute therapy sessions.  F. enjoys reading books, playing with puzzles, cars, trains and games.  He lives at home with his parents and 3 siblings.  F.’s mother first heard about the clinic from a friend and then came across it again online, while researching resources for her son.
Before coming to our clinic, F. was diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech, and had begun seeing another therapist privately.  Apraxia creates a difficulty producing, sequencing and coordinating oral movements.  Children with apraxia have a difficult time producing and combining sounds to create words.  As a result their speech can be difficult to understand, as was the case for F..  His mother stated, “Before F. began speech therapy, he could only say a few one syllable words and of those, many were unintelligible.  He had trouble moving his mouth when eating and speaking.  He often drooled and his tongue often hung out of the side of his mouth.” 
F. had already made great progress in previous therapy by the time he started at our clinic.  He was however, still in need of additional help.  F.’s treatment goals have focused on various consonant-vowel combinations that have gradually become longer and more complicated in structure.  Most of his targets are at the phrase and short sentence level.  He has worked on producing consonants at the ends of words as well as the /g/ and /k/ sounds.  His mother reported, “Since F. began speech therapy, his speech sounds have grown dramatically.  He talks non-stop and people can understand most of what he is saying.  He is eating more foods and no longer drools.”
F. is always a delight to work with and comes in full of life and ready to go.  He is a hard worker and is quickly meeting many of his goals.  His mom stated, “F.’s treatment has impacted our family greatly.  He is no longer combative out his frustration at not being able to communicate.  Financially it has been a god send.  With four children, 3 of which requiring additional education and speech support, it gets very costly.  The most rewarding thing about getting support here is the smiles and confidence it gives my son.”
His mother went on the say, “F.’s experience here has been nothing but awesome.  Miss Angela is super supportive.  All the staff is very friendly.  They make us always feel welcome and give us really useful tools to work on at home.  Our sincerest thanks for the opportunities and support you have given our son and family.  We feel truly blessed to be a part of your clinic.”