From the Clinic (July, 2014)

posted May 30, 2015, 7:07 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Jun 4, 2015, 2:51 PM ]
S. is a happy four year old girl who has been attending speech therapy one-twice a week since January of 2013 secondary to receiving a diagnosis of apraxia. She loves to look at books and play with the clinic doll house. She is currently working on producing /g/ in the beginning of words, and /sh/ and /ch/ at the beginning and end of words in  sentences. She has made excellent progress in speech therapy! Good job Summer!!
S.’s mother decided to bring her in for speech therapy as S., “was struggling developmentally with her speech. She was frustrated not being able to communicate appropriately.  She could maybe put 2 word sentence structures together and was having a hard time with articulation. S. has been in intensive speech therapy for the last 2.5 years. S. attended two days a week through our school district and now once a week at the Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic.”
Her mother noted, “Once we joined The Scottish Rite Clinic, S.’s 1:1 therapy sessions really helped strengthen her articulation issues.  S. would get frustrated easily or want to play by herself due to her lack of communication skills. Over the last year with her Speech-Language Pathologist, Jenna, working 1:1 even 1-2 times a week, S.’s frustration is rarely noticeable. With confidence S. asks kids to play with her, and she has found the power of words! S. has blossomed with her speech and articulation over the last year.  She is much more confident and happier due to her progression of speech development.  She is able to have joyful conversations and make friends at school due to the progress she has made. The most rewarding aspect of receiving services at the Scottish Rite Clinic has been watching the daily changes to S.’s speech patterns and the positive environment that Jenna has provided my daughter in becoming a more confident communicator.  Jenna has been the best Speech Pathologist that S. has met on our journey in speech therapy.  Jenna understands S. so well and has adapted and catered to S.’s personality to tailor her individual sessions to keep S. engaged and learning. I have referred multiple families to the clinic that I have met along the way.  I wish I had known about the program much sooner than I had! Our family is so thankful for the Scottish Rite Clinic.  Unfortunately our health insurance was not covering S.’s private speech therapy that we started when she was 2.  So for 1.5 years we paid out of pocket for most of her private therapy.  Once she was 3 she was enrolled in the school district speech program. However, this program mostly focused on S.’s language development.  S. needed the language development but by the time we qualified for the Scottish Rite Clinic she really needed to work on articulation so she could form clearer words in her sentences and have conversations.  The Scottish Rite Clinic has provided our family with the ability to take a deep breath from our medical bills.  Our older son has an immunodeficiency which requires a lot of our expenses and we will be forever grateful for the donors to the clinic for giving us this opportunity.  Sometimes my husband and I tease each other that soon we may need to send S. to speech therapy to learn to stop talking!  We treasure every word that comes out of her mouth and it’s because of Jenna’s dedication to helping S..”