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From the Clinic (November, 2018)

posted Nov 8, 2018, 5:47 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Liat is a beautiful eight-year-old who has attended our clinic’s speech therapy program for the last year and-a-half. She has been working hard on her articulation skills practicing her “sh,” and “th, ”sounds and all the different kinds of /r/’s.  Liat loves to read, make up games and pretend she is the teacher while the teacher is her student. She has an amazing imagination and work ethic. I am pleased to announce that Liat has met all of her speech therapy goals and will be discharged from our clinic very soon!  Liat is able to produce /r/ while reading, holding a conversation, picture describing, singing, and speaking to a fast paced metronome. While she may need an occasional reminder to produce an “or” instead of an “er”, she can easily produce the majority of her /r/’s. I am so proud of you, Liat, for your tremendous work and willingness to improve your speech! You are a fantastic young lady!! And you will be dearly missed!!

Liat’s Mother wanted to say a few words about her experience at our clinic:

 “I heard of the San Jose Scottish Rite Clinic from a friend. At the time, my daughter was unable to enunciate several letters properly. For example, her “r” sounded like a “w,” as she would say, “wabbit” instead of “rabbit.” Although it took 1.5 years of weekly visits and some home practice, Liat’s progress with Ms. Jenna was definitely worth the wait! Not only is Liat’s speech easier to understand, she is also more confident when speaking up at school. The clarity of her words will certainly help with her day to day conversations and public speaking. The intimacy of a smaller clinic allowed for a more personal experience. However, the most rewarding part of receiving services here was the ability for Liat to establish a personal relationship with Ms. Jenna. Furthermore, practicing speech through “play” made her feel like it was “game time.” Due to these circumstances, my daughter looked forward to attending speech therapy each week. We are incredibly grateful for the Scottish Rite Clinic and Foundation. If not for the Rite Care Clinic’s probono services, acquiring speech therapy via our insurance would have had a significant financial impact on our family. Thank you Rite Care Clinic and Ms. Jenna for all your patience and dedication in helping Liat achieve her goal. We are so thankful for your help!”


From the Clinic (October 2018)

posted Oct 11, 2018, 12:02 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Thank you for sending me to my first RiteCare Conference!   I attended the conference in Los Angeles, CA on August 8-10, 2018, hosted by the California Scottish Rite Foundation. I had the opportunity to meet many different speech-language pathologists and reading specialists serving clients at RiteCare clinics and affiliated clinics from across the United States.

This conference had a track focusing on speech and language topics as well as literacy topics such as dyslexia. It was a wonderful experience having the opportunity to attend a conference with fellow RiteCare clinicians.  Additionally, it was very helpful that the conference was small enough to allow some time to speak to the presenters one-on-one in order to obtain further clarification regarding specific questions that came up during the courses. I felt so fortunate to be able to learn about a wide variety of topics that hit home for me. For example, a team of speech-language pathologists from the Orange County RiteCare Childhood Language Center gave a presentation about how to better conduct speech and language assessments with children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, which is very important to us because we have children who come from households who primarily speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Hindi, as well as many other languages. It is very important that our speech-language assessments reflect the fact that our clients may be exposed to multiple languages and may be learning English as a second language. The team from the Orange County RiteCare Childhood Language Center gave a list of useful resources that we will be able to use in our future assessments.

I also learned about identifying dyslexia in a clinical setting, parent training for young children who are minimally verbal, repeated interactive read-alouds to target vocabulary-building and language skills, and about supervision for training the professionals of the future. The course on supervision was particularly important and special to me because I am supervising a graduate student clinician for the first time. I am excited to bring the new information that I learned to the table and share with my fellow clinicians at our clinic. We are looking forward to implementing the new strategies discussed during the conference!



Karen Wong, M.A., CCC-SLP


From the Clinic (September 2018)

posted Sep 3, 2018, 6:24 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Jacob is a five-year-old boy who attended speech and language therapy services at our clinic from May 2017 until July 2018. Jacob loves to play with his twin sister, Colette, and his older sister, Sophia. He also loves his scooter, playing with his Scooby Doo toys, and playing with his cat. Lately, he has been asking his mom for another kitten! He is very talkative and playful in therapy and has many stories to share with Miss Karen. He loves to tell stories about his twin sister and his cat. He is often thinking of others and always requests that we give a prize to his sister at the end of the session as well.

Jacob was referred to the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic by his pediatrician when he was two years old. He had a history of many ear infections and fluid in his ears,  requiring pressure-equalizing tubes to be placed when he was two years told. He had to have them replaced this April. Jacob’s hearing was being affected by the frequent ear infections and the fluid in the middle ear and he was missing out on exposure to many high frequency sounds during a period of his childhood that was very critical to speech and language development. This may also have contributed to him omitting the final consonant from words.


Jacob’s speech therapy sessions at our clinic focused on the elimination of phonological processes, production of multisyllabic words, articulation of various speech sounds, and expressive language. One of Jacob’s phonological processes is Final Consonant Deletion, when a child omits the last sound in a word, such as leaving the last /p/ sound off of the word “pop.” He was also missing many speech sounds, such as /f/, /v/, /k/, /g/, /s/, “sh,” “ch,” “j”, /l/ and /r/. Jacob would replace many sounds in the middle of the word with an /h/ sound, even when the middle sound was a sound that he was currently able to make, such as producing “baby” as “bay-hee.” He now has more awareness of this and he uses many more consonant sounds in the middle of words.  He has greatly expanded his speech sound inventory (the collection of sounds he is able to produce) and is now able to imitate /f/, /v/, /s/ at the word level. He is now also producing /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/ in all positions of words when prompted and given feedback to correct himself if he eliminates it in the final word position.Prior to getting speech therapy, Jacob would replace many sounds with an “H” Sound.  He couldn’t say any “S” sounds and left out many sounds in the middle of words,” said Laurin, Jacob’s mother, “Since treatment began, he’s more aware of saying the middle sounds of words such as “popping” instead of “poh-hing” He is so much more clear in his speaking now.”

Jacob’s family has worked hard with him at home to enforce carryover of the skills that he has learned with Miss Karen.  “We have all tried to help him out when needed as he gets frustrated when we don’t understand him. The sounds that are being worked on that week in therapy are focused on during the week at home as well.”


Jacob’s mother said, “We’ve greatly appreciated how generous Scottish Rite has been with letting Jacob get therapy for his speech free of charge. We are so grateful, and have seen such a huge improvement in his speech.” They have also enjoyed their experience here because, “The experience has been very easy.  We are able to watch him through the double-sided window as he gets his therapy and we see him using many fun toys to play and learn at the same time.  He’s always rewarded at the end of his session which has helped his focus during his session.”


Laurin’s advice for other parents is: “I would tell other parents to seek out as much help as possible and as early as possible.  The sooner you get help the better for the child.  Jacob couldn’t hear many soft sounds because he had a lot of fluid behind his ear drum.  We didn’t realize it at the time because everyone was telling us boys speak later than girls.  Luckily the doctor told us that is not really the case and we got help.  Had we been more aware he could have been treated even earlier.  Also it’s very important to work with your child at home every day as well as getting regular therapy.”


Jacob, you and your family will be greatly missed at our clinic. Jacob had to discontinue services at our clinic when he and his family moved away in July to be near their family in Louisiana and start a new chapter. We will miss you and your silly and cheerful antics! We wish the Antonowitsch family the best in Louisiana!


From the Clinic (August 2018)

posted Aug 7, 2018, 8:14 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Like some kids, Gavin is a child who has been in and out of therapy for speech since he was in kindergarten. His family and a few close friends were the only ones who could understand him consistently.  Talking on the phone was difficult and he was often asked to repeat words and sentences which led to frustration and self-limiting participation at school.  At school he was pulled from his classroom for 30 minutes of speech treatment sessions twice a week, tapering to once a week beginning in second grade.  He disliked being singled out and missing class time negatively affected his self-image. His mother reflected on the therapy at school stating that “Progress was steady, at best”. His small speech group consisted of students with various production concerns, most which didn’t match Gavin’s.  During his 6th grade IEP meeting at school he was deemed ineligible for services because his speech production was not impacting his education.  Yet, Gavin still needed services as his speech continued to be negatively impacted by articulation errors. His mother, a local teacher, found out about our clinic from a student in her class who was receiving services.  She said that the parents of her student praised the San Jose Scottish Rite and encouraged her to pursue speech support for Gavin.


Once speech services were started at the San Jose Scottish Rite, his mother reported that Gavin’s self-confidence skyrocketed. She stated that now “He speaks audibly and clearly.  Gone are the days of asking him to repeat himself at home, or the embarrassment of repeating statements in social settings.  Public settings are no longer stressful for Gavin because a listener might not understand him.”  


Gavin’s family was dedicated to making the most of Gavin’s services at the clinic. Clinically, he needed substantial supports, such as PROMPTs and tactile cues, and other therapeutic techniques to help him produce his error sounds correctly. Gavin’s hard work and the dedication of his family paid off. Gavin has recently been discharged from services as he has met all of his goals! His mother reported that the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic “provided services that we could not have reasonably pursued through other means.  Everyone we’ve encountered has been very professional and welcoming.  I think it’s fair to say that our weekly appointments were enjoyable, especially for the amount of hard work and effort both by provider and client. Honestly, Rachel’s kindness and professionalism has been the most rewarding aspect of receiving services.  She is astute at recognizing concerns, and easily translates that concern into focused practice that cultivate results.  Rachel honors where each child is coming from, quickly develops a rapport with them, and bases services focused on client interests.  The results ‘speak’ for themselves.  Connections mean everything in generating buy in to practice, and Rachel genuinely cares about her ‘kids.’”


We are so proud of Gavin and his achievement! He is a testament to the reason why the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic exists. We provide services to children and their families when they cannot reasonably afford, qualify, or otherwise find other speech and language services when they need help. Your support for our clinic helps us continue to tell these stories of encouragement and success! Thank you for continuing to donate to our clinic. We appreciate your help!


From the Clinic (July 2018)

posted Jul 9, 2018, 7:32 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Meet Hannah! She is a joyous four year old who loves to play with the babies, Barbies and pretend food toys when she comes to our clinic once a week for speech therapy services. She is a hard worker who loves to laugh and smile. Hannah is being seen at our clinic secondary to a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This means that Hannah has difficulties regulating her body at times and needs assistance with social understanding and expectations. She is taught daily on how to provide friendly greetings, goodbyes and hold conversations while facing her communication partner. Since she loves doll play and interaction we get several opportunities to practice beginning, maintaining and ending conversations. According to her mother Cindy, Hannah had difficulty sequencing events, following two-step unrelated commands and identifying categories before speech therapy began here. Cindy reported that all of these skills have since improved after attending therapy at our clinic. In addition, she noted that Hannah does well with following directions at home! Cindy wrote that the most rewarding things about receiving services here are seeing her daughter’s, “speech improve and seeing how much she enjoys being at the Scottish Rite,” children’s clinic. Cindy mentioned that they have had a good and positive experience at our clinic and that Hannah loves to work with her clinicians. Ms. Jenna has had the pleasure of working with Hannah twice a week since December of 2016. Mrs. Cynthia more recently has been seeing Hannah once a week since the end of January 2018 as a San Jose State University graduate student under Ms. Jenna’s supervision. Above is a picture of Mrs. Cynthia and Hannah doing the crescent moon yoga pose while taking a sensory break between activities. Mrs. Cynthia wanted to share a little bit about her experience with Hannah:

“Hannah was the first child I had the opportunity of working with at the Scottish Rite Clinic.  Needless to say I was nervous at first, but seeing Hannah’s excitement for therapy was infectious.  Hannah has a happiness about her that she brings to each activity and goal we work on.  Even when Hannah experiences some difficulties with tasks, and requires the clinician to provide added support, her smile and participation never fades.  Social interactions are a big part of working with children with an ASD, as they tend to often demonstrate isolated play.  After a few weeks of treatment, Hannah would initiate play inclusion with myself.  This behavior made me happy, seeing the progress with her social skills and the enjoyment of building rapport.

Working with children like Hannah, at the Scottish Rite Clinic has been a rewarding opportunity for me.  I enjoy seeing the children and helping them progress with their speech, language, and social skills.  This experience has been rewarding, and it could not have been possible without the support and guidance of the talented Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) here.  I had the wonderful opportunity working with the amazingly talented and caring SLPs Ms. Rachel and Ms. Jenna.  Their passion for working with the children and their families is inspiring as I begin my career.  Thank you to the staff, clients, and families who have welcomed me and made this experience worthwhile.”

Thank you Mrs. Cynthia for all your wonderful work with our children at the clinic!! We will surly miss you now that your externship is complete. Congratulations on your graduation and all our well wishes to you in the future!

And Hannah...Please keep up your excellent speech work! You are a super star!!


From the Clinic (June, 2018)

posted Jun 8, 2018, 1:42 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Charlie is a friendly and playful 5-year-old boy who loves to play with his brothers and sisters. He has been receiving speech therapy services once a week at the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic with Miss Karen. since May 2017 to address his multiple phonological processes (patterns that young children use to simplify adult speech while their speech and language are developing, most of which are outgrown by ages 4-5) impacting his overall speech intelligibility. Charlie’s older brother, Jacob, also receives speech therapy services with Miss Karen at this clinic. When Charlie began services at our clinic, he had a limited set of speech sounds that he was able to produce, and substituted most sounds (/t/, /k/, /g/, /f/, /v/, “th”, /s/, /z/, “sh,” “ch,” “j”) with the /t/ or /d/ sound. Charlie also glides his /r/ sound, replacing it with a /w/. Charlie has worked hard in all of his sessions and is now able to produce the /k/, /g/, /f/, /v/, and /s/ sounds in structured exercises. He is developing his ability to monitor his own speech sounds and is occasionally able to correct his own errors. He was referred to our clinic by a family friend, Paulette Codipilly.

Charlie’s mother, Rachel, reports that his speech was very difficult to understand prior to receiving services at this clinic. “I would ask him to repeat his words and would guess on a lot of words until I got the word right. He would get frustrated,” she said. Now that he has been receiving speech therapy for a year, she has noticed a dramatic difference. “He is not frustrated nearly as much and tends to even try harder when I compliment on his improvement.” She said that his treatment has impacted their family because everyone seems to talk more now.

His mother reports that she has had a good experience with the clinic. She identified “the friendly therapists who make working hard fun” the most rewarding aspect about receiving services here. She says she would tell other parents with concerns about their child’s speech and language development about our clinic for the free services and friendly, patient, and thorough therapists. We have enjoyed having Charlie and his family at our clinic! It has been a joy to see Charlie’s hard work and his progress


From the Clinic (May 2018)

posted May 2, 2018, 11:32 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

McKenzie is a beautiful three-year old girl who has been seen twice a week at our clinic for the last 18 months. This month we celebrate all her accomplishments and hard work of meeting 21 of her speech therapy goals! Great job McKenzie!!  Although her smile will be missed around the clinic due to her 18 month time limit for services being over, we hope to see her again very soon as she has been put back at the end of our wait list to be seen in the future to work more on her articulation and sentence structure.

Her Mother Samantha wanted to describe her experiences at the clinic and what our services have meant to her and her family.

“I heard about the San Jose Scottish Rite Children’s Clinic from a previous clinician, friend and neighbor Mrs. Angela, who has since moved out of state.  McKenzie’s speech prior to receiving the Scottish Rite Clinic services was very limited. She had minimal words for her age and struggled to get basic sounds out. Our pediatrician and ENT recommended speech therapy for her.  McKenzie’s speech sounds and vocabulary is night and day since she started speech therapy here with her Speech-Language Pathologist, Ms. Jenna. She is so much happier, and she is a different child since starting and beginning working with Ms. Jenna. She used to get very upset and frustrated that she couldn’t say specific words or that others couldn’t understand her. But that rarely happens anymore! The most rewarding part of the speech services I received for my daughter is her confidence. She likes to participate at school and makes friends on the playground since she feels more confident in talking. Our family is so thankful for the opportunity to have McKenzie receive speech therapy services at the Scottish Rite Clinic. All of the employees, especially Ms. Jenna are so kind. We really could not have asked for better. I tell other parents about the Children’s clinic, because you guys are truly an asset to the Bay Area! Without the San Jose Scottish Rite Clinic my daughter wouldn’t be conquering her speech disorder at the level she has over the last 18 months. I truly can’t tell Ms. Jenna enough, all that she has done for McKenzie! From day one McKenzie gravitated to Ms. Jenna because of her calming and caring personality. McKenzie never liked to leave my side. But when she met Ms. Jenna, something just clicked right away. McKenzie would beg to see her speech clinician ever week. Although I knew that she worked hard when she was with her, she never complained or didn’t want to go see her. Ms. Jenna genuinely cares about her students. She works hard to learn their personalities and what will make the children want to come back. Ms. Jenna really cares about your family as a whole and wants your child to succeed. McKenzie wouldn’t be where she is today without the Scottish Rite Clinic and Ms. Jenna. We are going to miss Ms. Jenna so much but are truly thankful for the amazing foundation she has given to McKenzie.” 

Take care McKenzie and family! I know you will continue to think about all your speech sounds that we worked on while you take a little break from the clinic. Thank you for all your hard work! I will miss you all! –Ms. Jenna


From the Clinic (April 2018)

posted Apr 10, 2018, 5:50 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Max is an athletic, easygoing nine year old boy who has been attending the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic to remediate /r/.  His parents had seen a number of SLPs to help Max with his speech and he had been in speech therapy for a long time before the Scottish Rite accepted him into the program. Max has been at the Scottish Rite for about a year and is now ready to be discharged from services as he has met his goals! His family’s dedication to Max’s treatment program helped Max progress quickly. His mother reported, “We have all been a part of Max’s treatment as Max had homework he had to do each day, and sometimes we made it into a family game. They [the family] are all excited Max is nearing his goals as they have seen how hard he has been working.” His parents are very proud of him and are thankful for the services that Max has received, “Seeing him finally progress has been most rewarding. We also had a great experience with his therapist, Rachel. It was much easier to go to speech after we made the switch to this clinic. Our experience here has been great! If we were unable to make a session, Rachel would try to fit us in later in the week. The emphasis on practicing everyday really helped with his progression. He got along well with Rachel and enjoyed his sessions with her. I would definitely recommend this clinic to others because it wasn’t until we began [at] this clinic that we finally began to see progress with his speech.” The clinic is very proud of Max and his hard work and that of his family too! Great job, Max!


From the Clinic (March 2018)

posted Mar 7, 2018, 2:14 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Layla is a sweet and talkative 6-year-old girl who has been coming to the Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic since October 2016 to work on her articulation, receptive language, and expressive language. Layla loves to play with dolls, toy animals and loves to dress up in costumes. She was referred to us by her preschool teacher. Layla’s mother, Angela, reported that she had constant ear infections requiring tubes in both ears at age 2, delayed speech and had a hard time speaking clearly and holding a conversation. Layla’s treatment program has focused on eliminating her tendency to substitute the /k/ sound with the /t/ sound and the /g/ sound with the /d/ sound. Layla is now able to differentiate the two and is able to produce her target sounds in sentences. She has moved on to working on more complex sounds, such as l-blends, “sh” and “ch” She has also been working on responding to questions with appropriate, on-topic responses, and producing plural nouns.

Layla’s mother said, “Layla has made tremendous improvement here at Scottish Rite with her speech delay. She has more confidence when she talks to family, friends, and she is a lot more talkative.” We are very proud of her. She has come a long way by the help of her speech therapist.”

Layla has brightened our clinic with her smile and playful nature. Her parents are very thankful for our clinic. Her mother said, “What truly helps is the one on one support. The free services with donation option helped us tremendously” She and her parents recently donated some of her toys, games, and books to us so that the other children can enjoy them too. We wanted to give a big thank you to the Madrid family!


From the Clinic (February 2018)

posted Feb 8, 2018, 3:13 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Daniel is an imaginative 5-year old who has been seen at our clinic for the last 15 months. So far Daniel has met nine of his speech therapy goals!  Daniel attends speech therapy with Ms. Jenna twice a week for forty-five minutes, secondary to a diagnosis of an Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). His sister Ana also attends speech therapy with Ms. Rachel once a week at our clinic.  Daniel is currently working on producing r-blends, l-blends, s-blends, /n/ and /s/ in his conversational speech. He is also working on following 3-step directions and his emotional regulation and sentence structure.

Daniels was referred to our clinic from his speech therapist at school. Daniel’s parents noted that before receiving speech therapy at our clinic, “It was difficult to understand his articulation and poor pronunciation. In addition, he would get easily angered because we could not understand him. His poor language skills made Daniel’s behavior even more difficult for him. Daniel still has some language difficulties but his speech therapy has definitely given him security. He is a very sociable child now! He loves to talk and sing now and his language is a big treasure. J Seeing Daniel enjoying talking and expressing his feelings are the most rewarding things to us! The therapists have helped Impact my children’s lives for the better! Ms. Jenna is an excellent and great therapist! She is very professional. All of your staff is really nice! Thank you Scottish Rite Clinic for all your help and effort that has changed our children’s and families lives! This clinic is the most amazing clinic in all the Bay Area! God bless you all!”

Daniel’s family has been exceedingly generous to our clinic! They have often provided animal crackers, goldfish crackers, candy and gummies for our children to have as a reward for doing so well in speech therapy. They have also donated many supplies such as Kleenex that are much needed in our clinic. In addition, they have purchased many new games, small prizes, books and art crafts for our children to enjoy!! Lastly, they have often purchased delicious drinks specifically for the clinicians to enjoy! How thoughtful!! A special thank you to Daniel and Ana’s parents for caring so much about the children at this clinic and being so generous to the children and clinicians!!  You keep up the great work Daniel!


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